Theta Cre8ive is a full service creative agency.
Providing elite professional services in Design, Photography, Web & Mobile Development and Marketing.
Whether for an established brand, a start-up, or an individual artist.
Our purpose is to help make your dreams come true.

Cre8ing for over 25 years with clients including:
NBC-Universal, Disney, Sony Pictures, Spacex, ABC, Marvel, CBS, Warner Brothers, Amazon, Hulu…


Theta Cre8ive was founded by James Sorensen, an elite creative professional with over 30 years of experience in Advertising and Publicity, for clients including Apple, Marvel Studios, Universal Studios, Bloomingdales, Sony Pictures, Spacex, NBC, Paramount Studios, CBS, Disney, Amazon, etc…

Starting as a fashion photographer, with a love for beauty and lighting, James created stunning looks with top models and fashions including Zena, Versace and  Armani. He then turned his creative eye to the entertainment industry, working with Hollywood’s elite actors, including Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Aniston, and John Travolta, on productions including Godfather 3, Zoro, Friends, Star Trek, Da Vinci Code, and hundreds more.

James, with vast experience in film photography, became one of the first professionals to shoot with digital. And helped major Hollywood studios transition successfully to full digital workflows, with private training to companies including ABC, Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers. Digital Photography created a tremendous need for Digital Asset Management, and James went on to create one of the world’s leading softwares, to service this new need (XDAM Extensible Digital Asset Management). NBC Universal uses the system James created for all of their photography shot on all of their Networks and Shows. XDAM manages over 80 Million Assets for NBC Universal. This world class Digital Asset Management system is currently being used by clients including NBC Universal, Spacex, Amazon, Bloomingdales, Hulu, Discovery Channel and Hallmark Channel.