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Instagram alone is a very effective social media tool, to get your brand seen. Instagram being integrated with Facebook turns it into an absolute necessity. Instagram also offers no-cost marketing and paid advertising at a reasonable cost. And easily integrates into Shopify and Wordpress websites, elegantly connecting your social media to your main website.


Pinterest is fantastic for creating no-cost brand awareness, and offers great low-cost advertising options. "Pinning" your images and videos is very important in today's business market. And it's critical if you want to sell to women. Pinterest has 175 Million active pinterest users | 81% Female | 80% Accessed Via Mobile.


Facebook provides a unique way to market and advertise your brand, products and services. Build and audience, by providing interesting and valuable information. Generate no-cost brand interaction and loyalty using Facebook Messenger. And, use Facebook Ads to push your brand as far as you want to go!

DESKTOP APPs (mac & pc)

Theta Cre8ive has been developing Browser Based Apps and Mac & PC Native Apps for over 15 years. And has created business critical software for clients including Marvel, Spacex, Universal, Sony Pictures, Apple, ABC, HULU and the Discovery Channel. (Software made by Theta Cre8ive™, is used by every network in Comcast-NBCUniversal)

SHOPIFY (e-commerce websites)

Shopify is an amazingly powerful, yet simple, e-commerce website solution. Theta Cre8ive specializes at creating, customizing and managing Shopify websites. Shopify deployments include highly customizable templates, E-commerce with direct deposit to your bank acct and SSL high security hosting. (Visa, Mastercard, Pay Pal, Amazon Pay, etc...)

WORDPRESS (promotional websites)

Wordpress is a great option for promotional websites, is highly customizable, and offers a wide range of free add-ons. Theta Cre8ive is a Wordpress expert offering quick deployment. customization, and offers full-service, high-security, high-speed, Wordpress hosting. (E-commerce is also available on Wordpress, with the WooCommerce ad-on)