With Creative, Marketing, Advertising & Sales Services (Innovative No-Fee Models)


Theta Cre8ive’s Brand Partnerships empower qualified companies to grow rapidly, in the US and Global Markets, without the traditional costs associated with Creative Services, Sales & Marketing. We Make Your Brand Dreams Come True!

  • Theta Cre8ive Invests in Your Brand

  • No Billing for Creative & Sales Services

  • Get Full-Service Agency Support

  • Simple Wholesale & Commission Models

    *partnerships are confidential (we work to build YOUR brand)


We deploy high-performance customized E-Commerce websites, optimized specifically for the US Market, with extremely fast page load times, to keep customers clicking. (1 second page load delay standardly results in 7% loss in sales, resulting in the loss potential of millions per year)

  • Instant Page Loads (Pre-Loaded Page Content)

  • Simple & Secure E-Commerce

  • Credit Cards, Pay-Pal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay

  • Mobile Optimized

  • Optional iPhone & Android Apps (For Your Brand)


Get your brand into high-traffic desirable US locations to rapidly get customer attention and sales in the US Market. Theta Cre8ive’s Marketing and Sales services, gives your brand an immediate US sales team & an online wholesale marketing and sales interface.

  • Boutique and Major Brand Stores

  • Online Wholesale Catalogs

  • Buyer Management & Billing Services


Theta Cre8ive provides the full range of marketing services to our Brand Partners, quickly increasing brand awareness, and customer reach, for significant online & in-store sales, with continued customer loyalty & growth management.

  • Social Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc…)

  • Strategic Partnership Creation & Management

  • Live Web Events (Runway, Behind the Scenes, etc…)

  • Print and Traditional Marketing (Mag, Promo, TV)

  • Advanced FB-Messenger Automated Marketing (Messenger BOTs)

    (Some marketing opportunities are optional-cost-shared)


We implement advanced Messenger Sales & Support BOTS, to dramatically increase customer acquisitions and sales. Theta Cre8ive’s automation tools create a seamless connection between Shopify, Facebook and Messenger, enabling dynamic and rapidly scalable marketing, sales & support.

  • Advanced FB-Messenger Automated Marketing (Messenger BOTs)

  • 10x more successful than e-mail newsletters

  • Automated Sales and Support Interactions

  • Convert Facebook Viewers into Customers

  • Facebook, Shopify & Messenger working as one


Our team runs ongoing daily online-advertising-campaigns, with Facebook, Google, Instagram & Pinterest, investing significant time and funds to create an abundance of attention and sales for your brand.

  • Targeted Ads to the Most Desirable Market Segments

  • Optional Print Advertising (Magazine and Billboard)

  • Theta Cre8ive Invests in Advertising for your Brand.

  • Powered by: Cre8ive Commerce Proprietary Advertising Algorithms

    (Some advertising opportunities are optional-cost-shared)


We place your brand into the hands of desirable celebrities and opinion leaders. And partner with other elite brands, getting YOUR brand known with ideal product positioning.

  • Place Your Brand on the Red Carpet and in Magazines

  • Partner with Desirable Brands, for Free Publicity

  • Connect with Influencers and Popular Personalities

    (Some strategic opportunities are optional-cost-shared)


Theta Cre8ive provides professional photography services to it’s Brand Partners, as needed, to ensure all Publicity, Marketing and Advertising actions have ideal imagery, that fit the brand’s unique style.

  • Hi-Definition Photography & Video

  • Studio and Location Services

  • Casting, Hair, Makeup & Styling

  • Live Event Capture & Streaming


Our Brand Partners get full access to our vast design studio services, providing all the graphics needed for the ongoing print and online marketing campaigns.

  • Web Design and Graphics

  • Online & Print Marketing Materials

  • Photo, Video & 3D retouching


Theta Cre8ive provides business planning services, in coordination with your team, to ensure your brand grows in the direction you want, achieving the goals you want. Your success is our success!

  • Targeting (Goals, Markets, Investments, etc…)

  • Strategies (How to best achieve your Brand Goals)

  • Agile Marketing (Rapid response to opportunities)

  • Brand Sale (Optional service targeting sale of brand)


Theta Cre8ive employs the “Agile” Marketing Method, to provide rapid flexible response to real-world marketing opportunities, enabling our team to create more effective marketing actions, based on ideal strategy for that day, week or month.
(A modern approach borrowed from our Software Development Dept)

  • Responsive to real-time opportunities

  • Flexibility to rapidly change direction

  • Efficient use of resources (Results Oriented)