Shopify • WordPress • Mobile • Desktop • Web

SHOPIFY (e-commerce websites)

Customized Shopify E-Commerce websites
with high security hosting, mobile optimization
including PayPal and Apple Pay checkout.

  • Simple & Secure E-Commerce

  • Credit Cards, Pay-Pal, Apple Pay, etc…

  • Mobile Optimized

WORDPRESS (promotional websites)

Extremely bespoke promotional and e-commerce
websites, enabling any customization imaginable,
with the hosting provider of your choice.

  • Promotional and E-commerce

  • Highly Customizable

  • Open-Source (Broad community support)

MOBILE APPs (ios & android)

Mobile application development for iPhone & Android,
giving your company promotional & e-commerce
presence on all mobile devices, from phone to pad.

  • IOS and Android (Phone / Tablet)

  • E-commerce and In-App Purchases

  • Architecture, Development, Marketing

DESKTOP APPs (mac & pc)

Native Mac & PC desktop applications that take
full advantage of computer resources and power,
enabling high-performance software solutions.

  • PC and Mac Native Applications

  • Local or Network Connected

  • Architecture, Development, Marketing

WEB APPs (linux)

Web-Based applications that load in any browser,
enabling your software solution to be run on any
computer (mac or pc) without requiring download.

  • Web-Based Applications (Linux Based)

  • Private Hosting or Cloud Hosting

  • Architecture, Development, Marketing